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Episode #41: Bamboletta (Christina Platt)

January 19th, 2015

We're talking about building a handmade doll business with Christina Platt, the owner of Bamboletta Dolls. Christina is a wife and mother of two little boys. Her company makes one-of-a-kind handcrafted dolls using all natural materials. With a team of 48 women and her husband, who makes the heads, they create over 80 dolls per week that find homes all over the world. Dedicated to working within her community and employing stay-at-home moms to work for her, she believes she's found the 'secret sauce' to keeping the magic in her product - and that's love. Her dolls put a modern spin on a traditional doll making them fun, colorful, and childlike. Christina has been making dolls for over 12 years and still is an integral part of how they are brought to life. She lives in Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Visit Bamboletta online: http://www.bamboletta.com

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