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Entries from March 2015

Episode #45: Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx

March 16th, 2015 · Comments

We're talking about how an indie designer can create a worldwide wholesale textile business while keeping production small scale and local with my guest, Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx.

When Heather started experimenting with screenprinting in her spare time in 2007 she had no idea that just a few years later she'd have a shop in Cape Town, nine employees, and a wholesale business sending her fabrics, cushions, housewares, and more all around the world.

Heather also recommends some great stuff she's enjoying right now.

Check out Skinny LaMinx online and get the show notes for this episode at While She Naps. Thank you!

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Episode #44: Michelle Engel Bencsko and Gina Pantastico of Cloud9 Fabrics

March 2nd, 2015 · Comments

We're talking about organic fabric today with my guests Michelle Engel Bencsko, the co-founder and creative director of Cloud9 Fabrics, and Gina Pantastico, the co-founder and director of operations of Cloud9. Michelle and Gina each bring over a decade of experience in the fabric manufacturing business to Cloud9 where their vision of producing organic fabric in socially compliant mills with great design has come to life.

To read the show notes for this episode visit the While She Naps blog. Thank you!

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