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Episode #125: Merchant and Mills

July 16th, 2018

On this episode, we're talking about elevating haberdashery with my guest, Carolyn Denham. Together, Carolyn and her husband Roderick Field are the owners of Merchant & Mills, a fabric, notions, and patterns company based in the UK. They founded the company in 2010 with the intention of bringing style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing. Merchant & Mills products are stocked in retailers all over the world and the company has collaborated with London’s V&A Museum and with Alexander McQueen. The pair have published three books that aim to enable and inspire more people to find the satisfaction of simply making. Carolyn has a degree in fashion design and has worked in New York, Italy, and London.

We had an issue with the sound quality on this episode. Carolyn has a fantastic story to tell so I hope you'll stick with it.


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