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Episode #132: Ursula Morgan and Julie Roehm of Creativebug

November 5th, 2018

On today's episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about online learning with my guests Ursula Morgan and Julie Roehm.

Ursula is the CEO of Creativebug, the award-winning DIY art and craft instruction site with 1,000+ videos for all skill levels. For $9.95/month, consumers have an all-access, no boundaries pass to all their creative interests. In her role as CEO Ursula grew subscriptions by 533% in her first year, a further 75% in year two, and 60% in year three. Creativebug under Ursula’s stewardship was acquired by JOANN stores in April 2017.

Julie Roehm is the Founder and now Vice President of Partnerships and Operations at Creativebug. Before founding Creativebug she spent 15 years in the financial services industry where she managed a team of user experience designers to create exceptional customer experiences.

We begin this conversation by talking about what Creativebug offers today and how Julie and her co-founders came up with the idea for the company originally. Creativebug has been bought and sold several times and last year was acquired by JOANN. Ursula and Julie explain the synergy they feel with JOANN and how the new arrangement is working for Creativebug. 


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Please note that this show used to be called the While She Naps podcast. The name has changed, but the content and host have stayed the same.


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