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Episode #145: Mark, Brian, and Josh Dunn of Moda and United Notions

May 20th, 2019

On this episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we're talking about running a fabric, notions, and gifts company with my guests, Mark, Brian, and Josh Dunn of Moda and United Notions.

Mark Dunn got his start in the fabric industry in 1966 working with his father William Dunn at Sewing, Sales, and Services which they founded together.  In May of 1975 when Mark was 29, he moved to Texas to start United Notions Inc.  He started with a five-man operation where he would take orders in the morning and fill them at his warehouse in the afternoon. In 1991 he started Moda Fabrics, a company that created a new product category of precuts with their famous Jelly Rolls. 

Brian Dunn started working at United Notions during the summers and officially started full time in 1986.  He managed and operated the Denver warehouse for 15 years as Vice President of Operations until they closed that warehouse down to consolidate all of their warehousing in their home state of Texas.  He moved back and has handled all fabric buying since then. 

Josh Dunn started with the company 8 years ago after graduating from the University of Southern California with a major in Photography and business administration.  At Moda Fabrics, he is the director of international sales. 


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Please note that this show used to be called the While She Naps podcast. The name has changed, but the content and host have stayed the same.


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