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Episode #73: Alisa Burke

May 16th, 2016

On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about creativity and drawing and making art with my guest Alisa Burke.

If she’s not making art in her Oregon Coast studio, you can find freelance painter and mixed media artist Alisa Burke blogging, teaching art workshops or crafting her handmade accessories. Whether it's running her creative business, being a mom or adventuring outdoors, she is always looking for inspiration. From drawing, painting, cooking and even the way she raises her daughter, Alisa seeks to infuse creativity into every part of her life.

We talk about Alisa's creative upbringing, the start of her career and how she built a long term plan to quit her day job which she successfully did in 2009. Alisa talks about her open-minded approach to an art career and about how motherhood enriches her daily practice. We talk about rejection, licensing, writing books and creating online classes. Alisa also explains her approach to blogging and using Instagram to build a devoted audience of fans and customers.

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Please note that this show used to be called the While She Naps podcast. The name has changed, but the content and host have stayed the same.

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