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Episode #76: Jenean Morrison

July 4th, 2016

We're talking about illustration and self-publishing today with my guest, Jenean Morrison. Jenean is a surface/textile designer, painter, and the artist/publisher behind a popular series of coloring books for adults, first published in 2012. She's an Amazon CreateSpace success story who has sold over 91,000 copies of her self-published coloring books, earning her more than a half million dollars. Jenean designed fabric for Free Spirit for many years and her designs have been printed on rugs, stationary, scrapbook kits and more. We discuss the value of having an agent, how to pitch, handling extreme successes and inevitable failures and rejections, and what Jenean would like to do next in her career.

Check out Jenean Morrison online at http://jeneanmorrison.net/ and get the show notes from this episode at http://www.whileshenaps.com.


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