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Special Episode: Craft Industry Alliance’s 2nd Anniversary

September 25th, 2017

In this special episode of the While She Naps podcast we're celebrating the second anniversary of Craft Industry Alliance, the trade association for makers, designers, suppliers, and content creators in all areas of craft. Founded in October of 2015 by myself and Kristin Link (of Sew Mama Sew) Craft Industry Alliance now has over 1,300 members!

For this episode we're bringing five of those members onto the show to talk about their businesses and their relationship to the organization. Plus, we ask each of them to recommend great stuff they're enjoying right now. Kristin and I co-host these conversations. We talk to Kate McKean, Kara Gott Warner, Ann Martin, and Traci Vaspol and Karen Katin.

Join Craft Industry Alliance today at http://www.craftindustryalliance.org.