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Special Episode to Honor Nancy Zieman’s Memory

November 14th, 2017

I’m so saddened by this morning’s news that Nancy Zieman has passed away. Nancy was a huge inspiration to me, and to so many of us. As a woman, a business person, and a working mom, Nancy lived her life with grace. She worked hard, had an excellent moral compass, and set a high bar for all of us to reach when it comes to being a participant in the sewing and quilting industry.

In May, a few months before she got sick with cancer again, I had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Zieman about her work and her life. It was truly an honor and I have to say it was also a highlight of my professional career. I wanted to replay that interview for you today as a way of honoring Nancy’s memory which I know lives on so strongly in all of us. This episode orignally aired on May 15, 2017. Here it is again.